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Software For Managing Employee Leave

 Managing employee Leave can be time consuming and difficult with lots of spreadsheets and emails to juggle. Often employees are given the wrong amount of leave, or allowed to take more leave than they should because of poor tracking and auditing.

This costs your business money!

Get your Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Time In Lieu, Overtime and Banked Hours under control!

 Leave Management Solutions Software

NUhRTURE Leave Management Software can help.


Our Leave Management Software supports:

  • Multiple Leave Types including....
    •  - Accrued Annual leave
    •  - Accrued Sick Leave
    •  - Time In Lieu
    •  - Requests for Overtime recognition
  • Multiple Fixed Work Shifts
  • Custom work schedules (up to 14 days)
  • Custom State Holidays
  • Manager Leave Approval Workflow
  • Email Notifications
  • Calendar View
  • Mobile Device Friendly
  • Data Reporting
  • Data Exports (to Payroll e.g. MYOB, Sage MicrOpay, Reckon, QuickBooks, Attache etc)

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Our Leave Software ensures an employee's manager approves any leave requests and records this in an audit. this assist you in compliance, control and reporting.

Leave accruals for both Annual and Sick Leave are calculated by our software and can be viewed on demand.

Different Leave Types are supported by the leave Software.

Leave Management Workflow ensures leave is approved or denied.

Each employee Leave request and Manager decision has an email notification.

The Sick Leave registers if a Medical Certificate (MC) is available.

The Leave Software allows Employees to "apply" for Overtime, Banked Hours or Time In Lieu which is then added to their respective Leave Balances. Managers must approve the application - again these applications and approvals are audited for compliance and reporting.

Leave data can be exported from the Leave Software Solution to synchronise to your payroll system.

Get your Leave Management under control with the NUhRTURE Leave Management Software Solution.

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