Human Capital Management Software


Human Capital Management (HCM) is the term applied to the organising & administrating your work force in such a way that it benefits your business.

The NUhRTURE Online HR Software Solution meets your Human Capital Management needs by offering tools to record your employees' contact details, job details, skills and education details. Time Management and Leave Management modules allow your finance and payroll efforts to be simplified and uncluttered, so reducing costs and freeing up time for other revenue generating activities.

Additionally our HR Software also allows you perform Employee Appraisals to help align the goals of the business to the activities your employees perform - in a measurable way. This allows your strategic business direction to be aligned to the motivation and efforts of your workforce.

Human Captital Management should not be a laborious exercise, and the NUhRTURE Online HR Software Solution addresses your Human Capital Management (HCM) needs in a simple clear and easy to use way - no frills and features you do not need.



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