F HR Manage License Skills Certification

Monitor Employees Licenses Skills, Certifications etc


Record and monitor Employees' Licenses, Skills & Certifications in the system.


An automatic email will be sent out to the HR Team alerting that a particular license or visa etc is about to expire and should be renewed.


Record Employees' Licenses, Skills & Certifications

The screen shot below shows an example of capturing an employee's license information.
The dates can be used to trigger an automatic reminder that the licenses is about to expire.


HR Management Skills Licenses Certifications

Auto Notification Emails

The screen shot below shows an example an automated email to an employee that their license has expired.

HRMS Expired License Notifications

Manager Report - Employees Licenses Due to become (or are) Expired

The screen shot below shows an example report of employees licenses, visas etc which will shortly be or are expired.

HR Management of Licences Visas Certifications

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