J HR Recruitment

Online HR Recruitment Module

Comprehensive solution for the entire recruitment process‚ including requests for staff‚ approval of vacancies‚ entering requirements‚ capturing candidates information‚ short-listing‚ interview notes and other features.
The module also allows HR professionals to generate templates and documentation to streamline the whole recruitment process.
  • HR create / Edit the Job Application
  • The Job Ad may be posted on the Company Website and/or sent to the Recruitment Agents.
  • Applicants can apply directly to the Job Ad, their details captured within the HR Management Solution
  • Interview bookings and emails can be managed and tracked.
  • Decline or Accept emails can be sent to applicants.


Recruitment Module

The screenshots below show examples of the Recruitment Management Module.

Hosted HR Management System Recruitment Module


Job Advertisement

The screenshot shows the automated web page generated for the Job Ad.

Hosted HR System Job Application Management


Job Applications

The screenshot below shows an example of the application form generated by the HR Management System.

Hosted HR Recruitment Job Application Management

Online HR Management Solution For Small & Medium Business Features:

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