A HR Administration

HR Solution Admin Module

This is the part of the NUhRTURE HR Solution where the HR Manager or other appointed personnel perform all system administration tasks.


This include defining company structure‚ pay grades and other information that serves as the backbone for the rest of the system. Security issues are taken care of through this module as well by defining user rights.

By having the HR Management Solution hosted (or via SaaS - Software as a Service) allows your HR Team to work remotely or at the office. This flexibility offers great value if you have part-time staff or if you offer a work-from-home option.

If you out-source your HR Operations, then using this HR Management Solution from "Hosted Business Solutions" allows your company and the out-source HR company to collaborate together on your HR needs.


  • Define Company Info (General Information‚ Company Structure‚ Locations)
  • Define Job information (Job titles‚ Pay Grades‚ Employment Statuses‚ EEO Job Categories)
  • Define Qualification Information (Education, Licenses)
  • Define Skills (Skills‚ Languages)
  • Define Memberships and Membership types
  • Define Nationalities
  • Define Users
  • Configure and subscribe for E-mail Notifications



Company Administration

The image below shows a sample of the Admin Features - Your Company Structure.

Define your departments, and define the role and function for each division, department, team, etc.

The Company structure is then later used to categorise the employees.


HR Management Solution Company Structure


Employee Administration

The image below shows a sample of the Admin Features - Employee Details.

This feature allows you to setup many attributes about your employees, education, licenses, memberships, skills, etc

These can also be managed by the Employee themselves via the ESS - Employee Self Service module.

HR Management Solution Employee Administration



Projects and Timesheets

The image below shows screen shots of the Customer / Project Maintenence module and the Employee Timesheets Module. Once project is set up, the details are available to the Timesheet Module via Employee Self Service (ESS).


Hosted HR Management Solution Timesheets


Online HR Management Solution For Small Business Features:

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