1 NUhRTURE Hosted HR Management Solution


The intuitive HR Management solution which brings essential HR administration features to your business.


NUhRTURE - Human Resource Management System offers:


Easy to use, intuitive faetures to help bring efficiency and compliance to your HR Department:

- Employee Management Essential HR Module

- Leave Management   Essential HR Module

- Time Sheet Management  Essential HR Module

- Policy Document Tracking Essential HR Module 

- Employee Appraisals (KPIs)  Essential HR Module 

- Tools and features your HR Staff need  Essential HR Module

- Reduce your HR administration costs  Essential HR Module 

- Improved HR visibility  Essential HR Module 

- Reduce staff turnover  Essential HR Module

- Employee Self Service Essential HR Module 

- Manage career paths for your staff Essential HR Module 

- Manage your valuable assets effectively Essential HR Module 


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