Hosted Cloud HR Management Solution


Australian Based HR Management Solution Hosted In The Cloud


What is the Cloud ?

The Cloud is simply another term for software servers, usually located off-premise in a secure location, and connected to through the internet (or www - world wide web). Software Solutions are often "hosted" on these cloud servers. This often results in solutions that are low maintenance and have a cheaper Total Cost of Ownership.


What are "Hosted" solutions ?

Hosted solutions are software solutions which are installed and run on computers - servers and your PC, Laptop or Mobile Device attaches to that software usually via the internet. All the heaving calculations required for the solution are on those servers - not on your PC, Laptop or Mobile Device. Those servers and the required memory, storage, upgrades, security etc are all on the "hosted" or "cloud" servers. Hosted or Cloud solutions are often easier to maintain and cheaper to run.


What is SaaS - Software as a Service ?

SaaS (or Software as a Service) is another term for a Cloud or Hosted Solution. Often you pay a single all inclusive monthly or annual fee (or subscription) to access that software or solution. This is often a cheaper and easier way to have access to otherwise complicated and expensive software.


Where exactly are Cloud or SaaS servers located ?

NUhRTURE has its Cloud servers located in Australia, however, other solution providers may have their servers located in other countries. IMPORTANT, if your data is located on servers outside of Australia, the data and its access is governed by the rules in that other country. For example, if your company data is on servers located in the USA, even though you are here in Australia, the data is still under the US Patriot Act 2001 allowing any US Government Agency access to your company data and information without your permission or knowledge !

We use 100% Australian Located Servers - which protects your company data.


Is my data safe in a Cloud or Hosted Solution ?

Most threats and crime are commited from within the organisation - ie: your employees !! The Cloud Hosted NUhRTURE Solution has industry standard protection from viruses, trojans and other similar attacks. The biggest challenge is to educate your employees to use effective passwords and not tell anyone their passwords or to login as each other. Our servers are located in Australia, and we have access to the physical devices running our software - there is 24/7 manned security in the data-centre and regular back-ups are taken. There are also stand-by power generators.


Is My Data Backed-Up ?

Your Cloud Hosted HR Management Solution performs Daily Back-Ups of your data ensuring minimal data loss should a disaster strike our data-centres. Daily Back-Ups allow continuous Data Protection - using R1Soft technology, the ultimate backup solution for data protection and disaster recovery. The R1Soft restore backups application can be readily accessed on the cloud allowing the ability to revert back to a previous recovery point in the unlikely event of a disaster.


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