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Reduce Your Leave Management Costs

Reduce Your Time Sheet Management Costs

Increase Your Productivity

Increase Your Compliance

Visibility To What Is happening

Compliance To Processes

Free Up Valuable Time For More
Revenue Generating Activities


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What does it do?

 Reduces wasted time on HR administrative tasks,

Increases valuable time for Career Management, Training & HR Strategy


Does it work ?

 Yes, our HR Engine is used by 1,000s of organisations around the world.


How much does it cost ?

 From just $65/month (total)



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With  NUhRTURE HR Management Solutions, you can stay in control of your HR activities and the NUhRTURE HR Solution will allow you to concentrate on the real HR tasks such as Performance Appraisals and HR Strategy.


By placing more emphasis on Career Management, you can concentrate on keeping employee retention and developing your in-house talent.

Online HR makes manager happy

With an average cost of up to 30% of the first year salary to replace staff, it makes sense to concentrate in retaining your quality employees. Your Small Business will benefit greatly from having an employee management solution which can assist with the day to day management of your employees including online Leave Approvals, Time Sheet submissions and management reporting.


NUhRTURE HR Management Solution will not only free up that valuable time wasted on administrative tasks.

Learn more about...

- Core HR Management System

- HR Performance Appraisal

- HR Leave Management

- HR Time Sheet Management


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